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You’re not too emotional, you’re an empath

Dear highly sensitive people…

You’re not overly emotional, you’re an Empath. For so many, our emotions can feel like a sign of weakness, but that could not be further from the truth! Our emotions are a gift of insight into what is going on with us on the inside, and in some cases the emotions that don’t even belong to us and are what we are picking up on from others emotional banks!

In this episode, Amanda chat’s about 10 different signs and characteristics on how to understand if you might be an Empath, as well as how to bring awareness to this emotional gift in efforts to help others harness their own intuitive powers and release what no longer serves them!


“13 Signs that You’re an Empath” by Andre Sólo

“Top 10 Traits of an Empath” by Dr. Judith Orloff

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