The Golden Gut Podcast -Lisa Schmitz - Mars Hill Arts Center

Lisa Schmitz

Lisa’s Golden Rule: Live in such a way that should anyone speak badly of you, no one would believe it.

As she likes to say, “You can’t have a testimony without a test,” and let me be the first to share that Lisa Schmitz has had her fair share of tests! Today, she is a self-proclaimed recovering HR executive, a yoga teacher, a proud floral design business owner, and co-founder of the non-profit Mars Hill Arts Center, and managing her husband’s campaign for Indianapolis Mayor.

It wasn’t always sunshine and shavasana for this go-getter gal, however. Lisa shares in this episode the struggles she faced as a bullied kid, facing, not one, but two abusive marriages while raising her children, and finally, getting let go from her career in the corporate world.

Lisa isn’t one to throw a pity party for herself though. Leaving all of the abuse behind, she found a love for leaning deep into her faith, trusting her gut and how embracing herself, she once and for all could step into her power!


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