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The power of plant medicine
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Alana’s Golden Rule: Love Everyone Like a Brother, Have Fun, and Be Here Now

“Everything you need to heal is already inside of you or growing in your backyard” is Alana’s philosophy behind Naptown Fló. The powerful driving force behind Alana is made up of pure love – love for herself and love for everyone she has the opportunity to connect with.

Her journey to ‘Go with the Fló’ started when she received a diagnosis of HPV, Human papillomavirus infection, with the scary possibility of this illness later leading into cancer, but her resiliency to life allowed her to refuse to accept this fate and found a naturopathic book (linked below) that changed her entire life.

In this episode, herbalist and plant communicator, Alana shares the power of plant medicine, and how to connect with these beautiful creatures in their truest essence to aid with healing ourselves to be our absolute best and truest self that we can be.


Doctrine of Signatures – whenever a plant mimics something of the body, it’s usually meant to help that part of the body
Book: Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison
Book: HPV & Cervical Dysplasia: A Naturopathic Approach by Jane Semple, MA, ND
Lacy Phillips – EXPANDED podcast and To Be Magnetic
Mercury in Retrograde – Refinery 29

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