Episode 11

Eat the carbs
staying authentic in the age of social media

Staying R E A L in the age of Insta-Worthy lives can be challenging, but social media guru, Maddie Scott gives us the low-down on how to find the balance between authenticity and chic content when it comes to building your business in the age of the influencer.

In this episode, Maddie, shares how she trusted those strong gut feelings of hers to lead her to launching her side hustle, The Buzzing Blonde. She opens up about getting fired at age 21 and how that propelled her forward to fight fiercely for what she dreams of creating! Maddie shares how managing her business, while working a traditional 9-5, has sprung on unwarranted anxiety attacks, but lets us know she’s here to keep it real in chasing after what she loves most in this world!

For all the side-hustlers and passion-projectors in the world, this one is for you! Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff… in the word’s of The Buzzing Blonde’s Golden Rule, “Eat the Carbs!”


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