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Episode 08 -
Girl, yes you can:

finding freedom
Through Mindset

New mindset, who this? Indy Mindset & Fitness Coach, Jen Elliott knows what’s up when it comes to the power of her mind. She actively works on shifting her own mindset, as well as encourages clients and those around her to move in a direction toward self-worth. As a full-time girl boss behind Jen Elliott Wellness, her mission is to teach women how to ditch extremes and love their bodies while still seeing results. And this gal knows what she’s talking about.

She’s a certified personal trainer and holds a Precision Nutrition certification, but Jen wasn’t always a body positivity activist and all about the burpees for breakfast lifestyle. Her journey toward self-healing started shortly after college graduation when she began to experience severe and debilitating gut issues along with B U R N O U T… can you relate?

In this episode, Jen shares how she:

-Tunes into her body + listens to her gut intuition
-Stays grounded while also being a goal digger
-Found fitness and food freedom and empowers other women to do the same


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