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Episode 07 -
Be Your Authentic self:

overcoming hormonal imbalances to becoming a mama

PCOS Advocate. New Mama. Plus Size Style. Budgeting Queen. All of this and so much more is what encompasses The Pretty Plus, an Indianapolis-based lifestyle blog curated by the incredible Brittney Mason!  

Brittney joins us on The Golden Gut Podcast to talk about how she’s learned to trust her gut and live up to her life’s Golden Rule “Be Your Authentic Self.” Her health journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) started nearly 8 years ago, and she’s been on a mission since to overcome this hormonal imbalance. She shares some of the mental and physical roadblocks she had to work through, including undergoing weight loss surgery, to get to a healthy place with her body so that she could live out her dream of having a baby. And at 30, she is filled with wellness and joy as a first-time mama.

The Pretty Plus gives us an inside look on how healthy living doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with simple grocery shopping hacks (and this girl’s weekly grocery budget is $50!) to shifting your mindset.


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