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Episode 06 -
Farmers market fresh:

healing communities through food

Odessa Wallace is the Market Master behind the magic that is Indy’s Food Co-Op! What started as a buying club with a couple of friends in September 2017, quickly grew into a what is now a food cooperative and has since expanded into Indianapolis’ East Side Marketspace farmers market.

In this episode, Odessa shares how she brought her dream to life for making truly fresh, wholesome food affordable for families in her community. With Odessa at the helm, Indy’s Food Co-Op is 100% volunteer-driven. Odessa and the leaders of the cooperative have created a place for love to grow and community to heal by sharing the accessibility of real food.

Odessa also shares that after battling her fair share of issues with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity, she knows the important role that food plays in taking care of her gut to heal her body. As a mama of 4 she values the food education she is instilling in her own family’s lives, as well as the families she connects with!


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