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Episode 04 -
trust your gut:

finding love after Loss

Married at 24 and widowed not even a year later. Running away from her public relations business. Finding her car stolen while traveling abroad. Learning the truth about her biological father, finding out that she has 3 kid siblings and discovering she is biracial.

At almost 30 years-old, Maranda Saling has experienced more grief and confusion during the past 5 years of her life than most experience in an entire lifetime.

But she is a woman of resiliency. She has chosen to turn her hardships into a life of love, and refuses to settle for anything but.

In this episode, we explore Maranda’s resilience and learn how through trusting her gut intuition she has found a life of abundance in such a profound way.

Maranda spends her days choosing love through self-care practices, lots of travel, and writing! She’s even working toward releasing her first book (fingers crossed, THIS summer!).

Join The Golden Gut Podcast in this honest conversation with Maranda Saling about love, loss, grief relief and so much more!


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