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Episode 03 -
You are Your
Greatest Limitation:

Gym Co-Founder
on Gut Health
+ Entrepreneurship

Becky Fouard is the definition of a GIRL B-O-S-S! Becky’s Golden Rule is that “You are Your Greatest Limitation,” and how true is that!? If you want something GO AFTER IT, and don’t let anyone, including yourself stand in the way of seeing your dreams come to life!

In this episode, Becky shares how the lessons she learned growing up on a farm in Kansas have helped her grow into the health-centered individual that she is today. Aside from managing her full-time corporate job, and helping out with the non-profit HATCH for Hunger, Becky is also the co-founder of M4G CrossFit. She has touched so many lives in the Indianapolis community with her passion for spreading awareness of health and body positivity.

Along her health journey, 2 years ago Becky learned that she is one of the 3.1 million Americans living with an inflammatory bowel disease, and shares with us how she has learned to live a flourishing life with her ulcerative colitis through diet and exercise, and spills her tips and tricks for keeping her gut in check while being a girl on the go!

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