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Layers to health

I don’t remember the last time I approached something without having to look at the many layers that make up the situation, and how my actions can influence the wide variety of possible outcomes. When it comes to my journey of developing stomach health it has either been full-steam-ahead, or at a complete stop. One minute I am completely feed up with living with these reoccurring issues, and then giving up and taking the position that I am just meant to live with this.

There wasn’t some moment of clarity or organized approach, but a stumbling upon individual components of different things that have helped me build my health. It’s a multi-layered approach that has helped me build-a-belly…a better belly…still a bit bigger of a better build-a-belly, but still better. There are so many layers to look at when building a healthier daily approach to gut health.

My favorite documentary is “the Biggest little Farm,” and I feel like the understanding that the couple comes to while attempting to build this farm is similar to what I came to realize. Much like the farm, my gut health could only flourish when all the layers of the ecosystem came together as a balanced approach.

The purpose behind reading each blogpost in order is so that you can see how I wish I would have layered the approach if I had started from the beginning. In the end all we can do is take control of what we can. This is simply the approach I would take if I was starting over and I would say that you should always consult your doctor, as again I am not in anyway a health expert, just a chronic sufferer.

The approach:

  1. Always start and consult with your doctor

  2. Testing

  3. Supplementing

  4. Eating

  5. Exercise

  6. Outside factors

“Hope is a waking dream”
- Aristotle

I’ll be reviewing each of these topics on a weekly basis, and providing my review of different products and services that I used to help me build a healthier version of me. This isn’t a guarantee that it will work for you, but I hope that it provides some sort of starting point for you that I wish I had. A lot of these aspects that I will be covering aren’t some new fad, but they sure would have been when I first started my journey.

I hope the best for you all. I hope that this will provide hope, help, or at least a hand to hold along the way, because you are definitely not alone.

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